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I was honored to be specially invited to Fly Chix’s “High Heels in High Places” private dinner party by co owners Ebonie Ward and Tyrina Lee held at the newly opened Fly Chix women’s boutique. The event was hosted by PR mogul Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle who did an excellent job setting the ambiance and tone for the evening. The purpose of the private dinner party was to connect women creating their own brands to other women making a name for themselves in their respective craft. I could not begin to describe the positive energy that filled this room. I had the opportunity to connect with producers, designers, boutique owners, publicists, style reporters, and people I need to have lunch or tea with next week. We sipped champagne, kumbayaed, laughed, and carried meaningful discussions. For me, it was finally receiving what all of those “networking events” were aiming for. Thank you Fly Chix and The Garner Circle for considering me as a woman on her way to high places and for creating a much needed community event :)

BEHIND THE SEAMS: Lafayette 148 NY @s5a @saksatlanta #factorwomen