Ray C’Mone x Wilhelmina NYC

Model | Brenda @ Wilhelmina NYC

Photographer | Marcus Ezell

MUA | Etzel Eclestein

Stylist | Ray C’Mone


Leah Taylor + Ray C’Mone, People Espanol

Roselyn Sanchez and daughter Sebella for People en Espanol Mag.

Roselyn wears Gucci.

Stylist | Leah Taylor

Assistant Stylist | Ray C’Mone


After a little mix of business and pleasure in Miami I made a trip to NY to work with the mecca of model agencies—Wilhelmina! I worked with Wilhelmina in the past but, not on purpose. I was test shooting with a model whose mother agency was in Atlanta but so happened to also be with Wilhelmina. After posting some of the edits via Instagram I caught the attention of a few Wilhelmina reps and now I’m in New York …

The minute I touched NY there was automatic acceleration to my hustle. Just about everything that could go wrong in regards to executing a shoot did but, I’ve never been the one to let obstacles keep me from what I came to do. In the end everything came together and I left with a new muse—Brenda. I kept it real clean with just a punch of edge.

look run down //

look 1. all white is godly. 

look 2. “only problems i want are naomi campbell” -russell simmons.

look 3. let’s play the blame game?

look 4. had this one since early february but, waited for the right girl. 


I hooked up with Tommy Chung over in the art district of Miami to knock out a shoot for a model looking to freshen up her portfolio during my stay. We were going for a very relaxed cool with this one. I worked with basic quintessential pieces—knits, denim, greys—to keep it light and natural. I’m kind of obsessed with the “I care but I don’t give a fuck” look right now.

Edits coming soon :)